EnergyDeck is a new type of energy and resource management tool that provides organisations with the ability to track and manage all their consumption data in a single online platform. Users can analyse and benchmark their buildings to identify savings potential, and use the platform to track the impact of savings measures. In addition, EnergyDeck makes it easy to learn about relevant resource savings measures implemented by the user community.

EnergyDeck uses a combination of crowd sourcing and big data analytics techniques to turn large amounts of high frequency data from a wide array of meters and sensors into actionable insights on building performance.



Access to EnergyDeck is free for basic purposes, which allows users to feed data for up to 5 metrics (meters) to the system and benefit from all the core features such as automatic benchmarking, graphical reports and the shared project database. Owners, managers and occupiers of larger real estate portfolios obtain additional functionality through our inexpensive and fully use-based premium version.



EnergyDeck is designed to make it simple to track and manage your organisation’s resource consumption, while providing powerful collaborative features that go beyond what’s available in the market today. EnergyDeck operates along four basic steps: Track, Analyse, Save and Share. More information on the full functionality offered at each step can be found on the EnergyDeck Tour.